Friday, April 18, 2008

What is cheap tech?

Cheap tech is something I am really all about. I love gadgets. I mean I keep the manuals until long after the gadget has worn out. I actually ready the manuals first. I am also a Geek. By Geek I man a good thing. A person who sees things and wants to know how they work, and how to make them work better. The bad news for me is that I am a broke geek. So I have learned a lot of tricks to doing things on the cheap. This is the place for me to share that knowledge. I love helping people, I love getting things working and I love doing it on the cheap. I mean I usually fix PCs for people for a starbucks card or a pizza. For me I feel I am charging high if I ask for $50. And that is cheaper than the Geeksquad or Firedog guys. And in all modesty, I am better than those guys.

Background; I do not have a college degree in anything, but I work as a network administrator. I worked my way up for taking a very low paying job as a data center clerk to being a network administrator by learning more than the next guy. I have a talent for trouble shooting, and a very logical mind, so I can usually fix problems fast. Plus I am pretty good with a search engine. Really that is a skill in itself that goes unnoticed. There are a lot of smarter, or more dedicated, shall I say Geekier people than me out there, and a lot of them share their knowledge with the world. Learn to search.

I want to use this space to share some of the things I have learned, some of the freeware I have found that works, and also some other tricks and tips that I have picked up here and there. Maybe someday this will become a for real paying gig for me...but probably not. But hey in the mean time, if you want to help me click an ad or two, send me your tips and tricks, and if enough people are willing to donate, I will put out a donation link.

Let's get to the geekyness.

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