Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas for Geeks

So Christmas is right around the corner, and you want some cool gifts for the geek in your life, but you are short on cash. Well instead of a tie with a mouse on it, or a ceramic PC shaped coffee mug (I really have those gifts, and I do like them) how about some good suggestions. Well here is a short list of things I have enjoyed or would enjoy getting, all for under $25. In no particular order

  • Starbucks gift card. If your geek is a caffeine junkie like most of us are, this is an awesome gift, and it fits whatever budget. Even a $5 card gets a cup of joe and coffee cake.
  • Screwdrivers, little tiny odd tips are better. I found a set at Home Depot for just under $5 that had Phillips, Slotted, Hex and Torx bits. With these tips I can take just about anything apart.
  • Flash Drives, stay away for the cutesy ones that are shaped like pizza or whatever (okay, lego ones are okay), and get basic ones. Multi-packs are good, and bigger is better. Unless you want to boot from it. I love cheap ones for making bootable toolboxes.
  • Movie gift cards, geeks do love the movies, especially ones with lots of explosions and high tech stuff, like Batman, or Star Trek. Okay we like art films too, but mostly
  • Stuff from, most everything they have is awesome
  • Cool T-shirts, although this can be personal, some things are always cool, like the ones from Threadless, and of course, Thinkgeek.
  • Cubicle or desk warfare tools, like the screaming monkeys or ninjas, or small nerf guns. Helps relieve stress too. (check as above)
  • And of course, most of us are fond of bags of candies and cookies.

Now maybe I should make one for geeks to buy other people, you know the old expression, beware of geeks bearing gifts.

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